My bike rides are not saved

It may take up to 15 minutes after the bike trip ends before it appears in the app. 

Please make sure you have the latest version of the app and it has the necessary permissions.

The app can make a mistake and do not recognize your trip as a bike ride. To correct that, select the saved trip and then tap Mark as Bike Ride. button. You may need to turn on the View All toggle in the settings menu, to show all saved trips.

  • On iOS in the location permissions settings, select Always Allow to automatically map your bike rides.
  • If you force quit the app by swiping up in the iOS task switcher or force quitting on Android, you must relaunch the app for the ride mapping to resume again.
  • On Android, select Enable High Precision from the menu. This will improve the detection of bike rides as well as save more detailed location information for your bike ride.
  • For Samsung, verify that Appenergy monitoring is not enabled for Biketo. Check this by going to Settings, Select unit maintenance, select battery (bottom left). Turn off Appenergy monitoring for Biketo app.
  • On Sony phones, the app will not work when Stamina mode is enabled. To turn this off, go to Settings, select Battery, select Stamina mode, and turn off Stamina mode.
  • For Huawei, make sure Biketo can run in the background. Under Phone Manager, select retained, select Restrict applications, and then Protected apps. Add Biketo app to the list. Also, verify that the choice to close battery-requiring applications is not automatically activated.
  • Other Android phones may have similar battery settings, make sure battery and power-saving features are turned off for Biketo.
  • If you do not want to add an exception for the app, in some cases it may help to launch the app just before you're about to start the bike trip.

When your mobile is low on battery, saving bike trips might automatically be turned off. On some Android phones, the app may have to be relaunched, once the battery is charged.

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